Press Release: New Roofless Community Solar Facility Comes Online in Aurora, Colo.
Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Roofless Community Solar Facility Comes Online in Aurora, Colo.

Clean Energy Collective Achieves 100% Delivery Rate for Xcel Energy Program


September 15, 2015

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LOUISVILLE, COLO. (September 15, 2015) – Clean Energy Collective (CEC), a pioneer in community shared solar development, announced it has interconnected the 500 kW Arapahoe/Aurora II Roofless Community Solar Array just east of Denver, making this the 12th project CEC has completed with Xcel Energy and the successful close-out of the initial 5.5 MW of capacity awarded for Colorado projects.

Community shared solar, or Roofless Solar, is a solution designed to serve the roughly three-quarters of Americans who don’t own solar-friendly rooftops, like shaded properties, renters, multi-dwelling residents, and businesses that lease office space. Colorado was the first state to provide support of community solar through the 2010 Community Solar Act, and the model has since proven an effective energy savings solution for individuals and businesses in Colorado and nationally. A recent report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) affirmed community-shared solar’s potential to serve “as the dominant solar energy model throughout the country.”

Xcel Energy introduced its Solar*Rewards Communities program in 2012 to provide its Colorado customers greater access to renewable energy through community shared solar. High demand for roofless community solar by City of Aurora and Arapahoe County ratepayers prompted CEC to develop this second area project. CEC now has 12 roofless solar facilities serving Xcel Energy customers in five Colorado counties, including Denver, Boulder, Jefferson, Summit, Lake, and Arapahoe counties. Combined with CEC’s seven other Colorado utility partners, the majority of the Colorado’s electricity ratepayers now have access to local clean energy generation.

“Xcel Energy is committed to solar energy and support a range of choices to meet different customer needs and interests,” said David Eves, president of Public Service Company of Colorado, an Xcel Energy company. “Solar gardens were envisioned as a solution for those who cannot take advantage of rooftop solar programs. Clean Energy Collective has been a key partner in bringing this choice to our customers.”

The achievement is extraordinary given the complex and capital-intensive process of community solar development. Behind the outwardly simple model is a world of complicated power-purchase agreements, financing, land acquisition, component sourcing, construction, marketing, and sales, and one where each new facility brings unique circumstances and hurdles.

“We know well that to achieve a successful community solar program so many criteria must be met,” said CEC founder and CEO Paul Spencer. “We’re certainly very proud of our 100% success rate and are excited to continue the good work we’ve begun with Xcel Energy.”

About Clean Energy Collective

A solar tech start-up in 2010, Clean Energy Collective (CEC) has grown to become the nation’s leading developer of Roofless Community Solar solutions. CEC pioneered the model of delivering clean power-generation through large-scale solar PV facilities accessible to all utility customers. Since establishing the first community-owned solar array in the country in 2010 near El Jebel, Colorado, CEC has built or has under development more than 90 Roofless Community Solar projects with 21 utility partners across 11 states, representing 100 MW of community solar capacity.  

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Press Release: New Roofless Community Solar Facility Comes Online in Aurora, Colo.