Press Release: CEC Partners with Dairyland Power Cooperative on Renewable Energy Deal
Thursday, March 20, 2014
Clean Energy Collective Partners with Dairyland Power Cooperative on Renewable Energy Facility

Alliance with generation & transmission cooperative accelerates community solar developer’s reach


March 20, 2014

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BOULDER, COLO. – (March 20, 2014) Leading community solar developer Clean Energy Collective (CEC) announced it has signed a deal to provide renewable energy to Dairyland Power Cooperative, a wholesale electricity generation and transmission provider serving parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. As part of the arrangement, CEC will develop a 517 kW solar PV array in Westby, Wis., and the clean power will be part of Dairyland Power’s generation portfolio.

The partnership supports Dairyland Power’s commitment to grow its renewable resources, which currently provide about 12.5 percent of the energy delivered to its members. The new 1,694-panel facility will begin delivering power this summer.

“CEC is honored to work closely with such a prominent generation & transmission partner,” said CEC President Paul Spencer. “As a national leader in community solar development, we are excited to help Dairyland Power meet their strategic goals and long-term resource plans.”

Electric utilities across the country are actively expanding their energy portfolios to include a variety of renewable sources – and locally-sited, utility-scale solar is playing an increasing role in this mix. This array provides an excellent source of clean energy for Dairyland Power and its associated distribution cooperatives.

CEC introduced the first community-owned solar garden in the country in 2010 near El Jebel, Colorado. Since that time, CEC has built or has under development 40 solar projects with 18 utility partners across seven states, representing 26 MW of community solar capacity.

About Clean Energy Collective (CEC)

Clean Energy Collective is a developer of community-based renewable energy facilities and a national leader in community power generation. CEC pioneered the model of delivering clean power generation through large-scale facilities that are collectively owned by participating utility customers. CEC’s proprietary RemoteMeter® system automatically calculates monthly credits and integrates with existing utility billing systems, enabling all utility customers to easily have clean, renewable power credited directly on their monthly utility bills, without modifying their home or office.

 About Dairyland Power Cooperative

With headquarters in La Crosse, Wis., Dairyland Power provides wholesale electricity to 25 member distribution cooperatives and 17 municipal utilities. A Touchstone Energy Cooperative, Dairyland Power’s service area encompasses 62 counties in four states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois). Dairyland’s generation resources include coal, natural gas, hydro, wind, biomass, landfill gas, animal waste and solar. For more information, please visit

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Press Release: CEC Partners with Dairyland Power Cooperative to Increase Clean Energy in the Midwest