Xcel Solar*Rewards Community Update (Oct. 2012)
Thursday, October 18, 2012

Community Solar Update

Xcel Solar*Rewards Community Update
October 2012

Ash we proceed with the development of Clean Energy Collective’s (CEC) solar gardens for Xcel customers, we look forward to keeping you up to date on our progress.

If you have already completed an Online Reservation Form via coloradocommunitysolar and submitted your Disclosure Consent Form, your spot in the upcoming array is reserved! At this time, there are no further steps for you to take and we will notify you regarding your next action items.

If you have not submitted an Online Reservation Form and the subsequent Disclosure Consent Form, please visit click here:

Request a No-Obligation Reservation

Clean Energy Collective is developing solar gardens for Xcel customers in 5 counties:

  • Adams County (City of Aurora)
  • Boulder County: One 500 kW solar garden
  • Denver County: Two solar gardens (400 kW and 500 kW)
  • Jefferson County: One 116 kW solar garden
  • Summit County: Two 500 kW solar gardens

We are currently working through the land use permitting processes for each location and conducting the initial engineering and interconnection work. We expect those activities to be completed in November.

We are establishing the pricing for the panels for each of the solar gardens, and we expect to have that completed by the end of October. Once the pricing is established, we will contact those of you who already have a reservation to provide you with a detailed proposal to match your electrical usage with a community solar system that will fit your needs.

As we learn more about the construction schedule, we will share them with you for our monthly updates.

Community Solar: The Power is in Your Hands

What is Community Solar?

Community solar is making solar available to more people than ever before, allowing you to have clean solar energy without the hassle and expense of constructing an individual system on your rooftop. Clean Energy Collective constructs arrays of solar panels, called “solar gardens”, in centralized locations. CEC takes care of all the maintenance and repair. Xcel Solar*Rewards Community subscribers receive the same financial benefits as if the panels were installed on their roofs, and are credited directly on their monthly Xcel electric bills for the power their panels produce.

Read this recent USA Today article on community solar.

Community Partner Program

CEC’s Community Partner Program encourages community organizations and individuals to work with CEC to promote community solar. In exchange, CEC’s Community Partners receive a percentage of each sale that they help generate. The Community Partner program is open to any organization or individual who works within the community, including environmental groups, churches, schools, non-profits, property managers, real estate agents and HOA’s.

Community solar couldn’t exist without supportive community members. Thanks to your support and others like you, these community solar gardens will continue to grow and flourish, bringing more clean, renewable energy to Xcel customers.

Get Started with Community Solar

The commitment of Xcel Energy customers to community solar power has been extraordinary, and we are actively taking reservations for the project, so please tell all your friends to visit to make their reservations.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

— Clean Energy Collective

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