News: MVSA Solar Garden Tour on Friday
Wednesday, May 09, 2012
Clean Energy Collective

Solar Garden Tour

Solar Garden Tour
Mid-Valley Solar Array

Fri., May 11, 2012

Join the CEC for a tour of the nation’s first community-owned solar farm:
the Mid-Valley Solar Array just outside El Jebel, Colorado

MVSA Community Solar Array

Mid-Valley Solar Array
DIRECTIONS: Turn off Hwy 82, just North of El Jebel, onto Blue Lake. Park directly across from the park. Meet at gazebo in the park by the lake for the tour.

About Clean Energy Collective
The Clean Energy Collective is a developer of community-based renewable energy facilities and a national leader in community power generation. CEC has pioneered the model of delivering clean power-generation through large-scale facilities that are collectively owned by participating utility customers. The CEC’s proprietary RemoteMeterĀ® system automatically calculates monthly credits and integrates with existing utility billing systems, enabling all utility customers to easily have clean, renewable power credited directly on their monthly utility bills, without modifying their home or office.

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