Clean Energy Collective Awarded 6 Xcel Solar Gardens
Friday, August 17, 2012

Clean Energy Collective Awarded 6 Xcel Solar Gardens

2.5 MW of Community Solar Awarded to CEC for Systems
in Denver, Boulder, Jefferson and Summit Counties

Updated August 17, 2012
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[Carbondale, CO] — Clean Energy Collective (CEC) has been awarded six community-owned solar gardens as part of Xcel’s Solar*Rewards Community program, totaling 2.5 MW of distributed power generation. Through the new program, Clean Energy Collective will construct and maintain solar arrays, known as solar gardens, in centralized locations across the state. The panels in the solar arrays are owned by individual community members, who receive credits on their Xcel electricity bill for the power produced by their panels.

“This is a historic step forward for the state of Colorado being made possible by Xcel Energy,” says Paul Spencer, founder and CEO of the Clean Energy Collective. “Never before has the opportunity to use clean renewable energy been available to so many people so easily. Community solar is an important part of our energy future, and it’s exciting to see Colorado leading the nation in community-based renewable energy solutions.”

The Xcel Energy Solar*Rewards Community program was created in response to the 2010 Colorado Community Solar Gardens Act passed by the Colorado legislature that authorized community solar projects.

Community solar allows all utility customers the opportunity to utilize clean renewable energy. Any business or consumer can now take advantage of solar power including renters, those with poorly sighted properties and individuals of all income levels, without having to build a costly system of their own. Community solar customers receive the same financial benefits as they would if the panels were installed on their roofs. However, since CEC performs all the maintenance and provides the solar industry’s best warranty 50 years, consumers don’t have to worry about maintenance or repair.

CEC pioneered the community solar model for clean energy production and is the most experienced community solar provider in the country. In 2010, CEC established the first community-owned solar garden in the country near El Jebel, Colorado. In 2011, CEC opened the largest community solar facility in the country near Rifle, Colorado. In late 2012 and early 2013, CEC will open several other solar gardens in Colorado, New Mexico and Minnesota, in addition to the six sites in the Xcel program. CEC has community solar partnerships with many other utilities and is working on dozens of other community solar projects across the country.

Below is a listing of the six community-owned solar gardens that will be operated by Clean Energy Collective through the Xcel program. The plans for each garden now must be approved by local planners.

Arvada, CO
County: Jefferson
Name Plate Capacity: 108 kW
Description: Located off highway 72 in Arvada.

Breckenridge, CO
County: Summit
Name Plate Capacity: 500 kW
Description: Located at the Stillson Property South East of the Town of Breckenridge. The 500kW system will provide the Town of Breckenridge and Summit County residents the ability to partake in community solar, something residents in Summit County have been eagerly awaiting.

Breckenridge, CO
County: Summit
Name Plate Capacity: 500 kW
Description: Located at the McCain Property North of Town of Breckenridge on Highway 9 as you approach the Town of Breckenridge. This additional 500Kw system along with the Stillson Property will bring a total 1MW of community solar to Summit County residents and local businesses.

Denver, CO
County: Denver
Name Plate Capacity: 500 kW
Description: This solar garden will serve as an educational tool on a school campus that already has a strong commitment to sustainable development. Some of this school’s buildings already have rooftop solar, and the campus has already been recognized as Denver Public School’s first effort toward achieving a Net Zero Energy campus.

5) HANGAR 2 (Lowry)
Denver, CO
County: Denver
Name Plate Capacity: 400 kW
Description: The proposed community solar array supplements the existing solar “skylights” on the curved roof of this award-winning historic building and will allow Denver and the Lowry Community to continue their international leadership with appropriate and sustainable adaptive use of historic buildings.

Boulder, CO
County: Boulder
Name Plate Capacity: 500 kW
Description: The solar garden will be built in conjunction with the Golden Hoof Sustainable Demonstration Farm in East Boulder. The conceptual layout for the solar garden is an artistic grouping of solar trees on the north side of the Property. The garden will be used as a teaching tool as part of the demonstration farm.

Colorado-based Clean Energy Collective is a developer of community-based renewable energy facilities and a national leader in community power generation. CEC has pioneered the model of delivering clean power-generation through large-scale facilities that are collectively owned by participating utility customers. The CEC’s proprietary RemoteMeterĀ® system automatically calculates monthly credits and integrates with existing utility billing systems, enabling all utility customers to easily have clean, renewable power credited directly on their monthly utility bills, without modifying their home or office.

Solar Garden Tour

Photos of Clean Energy Collective’s Current Community Solar Arrays

Garfield County Airport Community Solar Array, Rifle, Colorado
Garfield County Airport Community Solar Array, near Rifle, Colorado

Mid Valley Community Solar Array, El Jebel, Colorado
Mid Valley Solar Array, near El Jebel, Colorado

Foothills Community Solar Array at Taos Charter School, Taos, New Mexico
Foothills Community Solar Array at Taos Charter School, Taos, New Mexico
in partnership with Kit Carson Electric Cooperative.

PVREA Community Solar Farm
Poudre Valley REA Community Solar Array Farm at PVREA Headquarters, Ft. Collins, Colorado

Paul Spencer, founder and CEO of Clean Energy Collective
Paul Spencer, founder and CEO of Clean Energy Collective



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