Press Release: Clean Energy Collective Recognized as “2015 Game Changer” for Massachusetts
Monday, May 11, 2015

Clean Energy Collective Recognized as “2015 Game Changer” for Massachusetts

 The Boston Globe Honors Companies Making the Bay State a National Leader in Innovation


May 11, 2015

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WORCESTER, MASS. (May 11, 2015) Recognizing entrepreneurs and companies who make the state a national leader in innovation, The Boston Globe selected community solar developer Clean Energy Collective as a “2015 Game Changer” for its community solar solution, providing broad and equal access to any utility ratepayer to the benefits of local renewable energy development.

The publication identified individuals and organizations that accomplished “extraordinary things last year, reshaping the way we live and work.” Last fall, Clean Energy Collective introduced its SolarPerks program in Mass., a first-of-its-kind community solar program that affords every ratepayer in National Grid and Eversource (formerly NSTAR) territories the opportunity to participate in a shared utility-scale solar PV array – for no money down and a guaranteed monthly savings for 20 years, all without having to install anything on their roof or property.

“We greatly appreciate this recognition,” said Tom Sweeney, CEC’s chief operating officer. “It’s clear that the broader community is realizing the value of equal access to solar for all – those with shaded roofs, renters, residents of multi-family housing, commercial entities who lease their properties, and even those living in historic homes.”

Innovation in the solar marketplace has occurred predominantly in the areas of materials, engineering, or the manufacturing processes, and much less so from the downstream marketplace with respect to soft costs and supporting technologies. Community solar, and CEC, however, are driving down costs, increasing efficiencies and expanding access through advancements in project financing, marketing, sales, O&M, and supporting monitoring technologies.

CEC has six shared solar facilities either operating or under construction in Massachusetts and an additional 20 MW in late-stage development to support its statewide SolarPerks program. An additional 30+ MW of projects are in early development and expected to be announced over the course of 2015.

CEC was also recognized by Inc. magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing private companies. CEC has offices in Worcester, Mass.

About Clean Energy Collective

Clean Energy Collective (CEC) is the nation’s leading developer of community solar solutions. CEC pioneered the model of delivering clean power-generation through large-scale solar PV facilities accessible to all utility customers. Since establishing the first community solar garden in the country in 2010 near El Jebel, Colorado, CEC has built or has under development more than 90 community solar projects with 19 utility partners across 9 states, representing 100 MW of community solar capacity.

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The Boston Globe Honors Companies Making the Bay State a National Leader in Innovation