Press Release: Vermont Embraces Community Solar
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Vermont Embraces Community Solar

Land Sought for More Local Renewable Power Generation

November 27, 2013

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PUTNEY, VT. – (November 27, 2013) Vermont recently celebrated the grand opening of the state’s first community-owned solar garden, the 144 kW Putney Community Solar Array, serving Green Mountain Power customers. Spearheaded by Clean Energy Collective (CEC), the company responsible for introducing the community-owned solar model to consumers and utilities across the country, the Putney array was sold out before construction was even completed. This is great progress for Vermont’s clean energy initiatives, and demonstrates that there is robust demand for community solar in Vermont.

Community-owned solar is delivered through a medium-scale solar facility located in a utility territory that allows any customer the opportunity to own panels in the shared-array without having to build a facility on their home or business, and then receive credit for the power produced directly on their monthly utility bills.

With such favorable demand, CEC has made plans to build several additional community solar facilities to serve electric ratepayers in Central Vermont Public Service, Vermont Electric Cooperative (VEC), Burlington Electric Company (BEC) service areas. VEC has already approved the construction of a new 150 kW array to that will make shared-solar ownership available to its member owners.

To accommodate this growth, CEC is actively looking for suitable sites for these new solar facilities, particularly in the Burlington area. The ideal site is about an acre of non-arable agricultural land or an expansive rooftop.

“We’re seeking land owners inspired to participate in the next evolution of renewable energy production,” said CEC chief operating officer Tom Sweeney. “By earmarking a slice of property for community solar, owners can preserve the tangible benefits of locally-made clean energy within their community for decades.” Participating land owners are also often power beneficiaries and owners in the array.

A community solar facility exemplifies sustainable land use by generating clean renewable energy on otherwise unproductive land. It delivers environmental and economic benefits directly to the community, and showcases Vermont’s national leadership in alternative energy. Perhaps most importantly, community solar customers receive real energy savings on their electric bills.

Land owners considering involvement in a clean energy project can contact Mark Zwieg, Land Manager for Clean Energy Collective, at (248) 767-9616.

About Clean Energy Collective (CEC) Colorado-based Clean Energy Collective is a developer of community-based renewable energy facilities and a national leader in community power generation. CEC pioneered the model of delivering clean power-generation through large-scale facilities that are collectively owned by participating utility customers. CEC’s proprietary RemoteMeterĀ® system automatically calculates monthly credits and integrates with existing utility billing systems, enabling all utility customers to easily have clean, renewable power credited directly on their monthly utility bills, without modifying their home or office. For more information, please visit: Clean Energy Collective
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Press Release: Vermont Embraces Community Solar