Bring Clean Energy to your Neighborhood Today

Do you want to bring community-based clean energy to your area? Whether a company, utility, county, non-profit or municipality, Clean Energy Collective makes it easy to create community-based clean energy no matter where you are.

CEC provides everything from a turn-key solution to market to your local customers, residents and companies to just our technology package for seamless virtual metering and bill crediting RemoteMeter™.

The following matrix outlines some of the many functions involved in successfully deploying a community-based clean energy solution and how CEC can make the process easy for you. CEC is always available to provide a helping hand in addition to the tasks that CEC handles directly.

Inquire today to get started on bringing community-based clean energy in your area.

Download the CEC Partner Overview PDF

Download the CEC RemoteMeter™ Overview PDF
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Item Utilities Solar Companies Entrepreneurs/ Companies Non-Profits Municipalities/ Government
Land or clean energy source/permintting
(solar, water, wind, biomass, etc)
Build local community support
Legal and tax structure
Utility PPA or other power agreeement
Facility construction
Project financing
Branding/Marketing materials
Direct sales to customers
Telesales to customers
Customer contracts & administration
Tax/Credit and rebate processing
Lifetime bill crediting, online customer account tools, telemetry – RemoteMeter™
Lifetime customer & account administration
Ongoing operations & maintenance