Community Solar Platform
RemoteMeter™ makes community-based clean energy, remote metering and multi-owner facilities a reality through a complete turn-key solution, regardless of the location of the facilities and customers.
Powerful Customer Access
RemoteMeter™ provides a secure, feature rich account management site (My Clean Energy) for free to CEC customers to view their clean energy production in real time. Customers can compare their production to their consumption, track savings, environmental impacts and chart the performance of their clean energy ownership. Customers can also review ownership and energy credit history and access a variety of custom reports and user preferences.
Mobile Access
Stay in touch with your clean energy. Customers can stay in touch with RemoteMeter™ through our mobile application with the ability to view real time production data for the customer's ownership and all CEC facilities. Guests can also use the application to see the real time performance of the various CEC facilities.

Daily, monthly, yearly and lifetime production charts are displayed as well as clean energy equivalent comparisons like money, trees and car miles saved.
Seamless Integration
RemoteMeter™ fully integrates with utility billing systems through a versatile integration engine. It tracks and applies Renewable Energy Generation (REG) credits directly on customer bills depending on the utility's policies, manages production surpluses and integrates with facility meters and meteorological data for real time production monitoring.