Seize the Opportunity
CEC’s Community Partner Program encourages community organizations and individuals to work with CEC to promote community solar. In exchange, CEC’s Community Partners receive a percentage of each sale that they help generate.

The Community Partner program is open to any organization or individual who works within the community, including environmental groups, churches, schools, non-profits, property managers, real estate agents and HOAs.

Community Partners participate in this program by formally endorsing CEC’s community solar program and then by educating community members about the value of community solar and the opportunity to own panels in their local community solar array. Community Partners provide avenues for communication with their members-e.g. member presentations, email distribution, direct mail, etc. CEC provides all the marketing materials needed to educate community members.

In exchange for the Community Partner’s promotional help and endorsement, the partner will receive a donation from Clean Energy Collective for solar purchases that they generate. The payment can be made in either cash or community solar panels, or the partner can choose to pass this amount through to their members as a discount.

CEC’s Community Partner Program makes it easy for organizations and individuals to be proactive in their community’s desire to switch to clean, renewable energy, while also making real strides in reducing pollution, creating a green community, and saving money. All you have to do is help promote CEC’s community solar program, and Clean Energy Collective takes care of the rest.
It’s Easy
Save the Planet with Community Solar Step 1
Decide to reduce your organization’s expenses while saving the planet
Sign up for Community Solar Panels Online Step 2
Contact Clean Energy Collective to become a Community Partner.
Green Power: Clean, Renewable Energy Step 3
Promote CEC’s community solar to your members and get donations from CEC.
It’s Smart
In cooperation with CEC, your organization receives financial benefits as your members go solar with CEC. It’s cost effective. CEC solar is optimally sited for peak performance and costs are kept low through bulk purchasing, pushing your member’s payback higher than ever. It’s easy. CEC takes care of everything: education, marketing, sales and the solar facility.