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No matter if you rent your current home or business and can’t have solar today, have poor solar access with existing trees or orientation, or just don’t like the look of solar on your home, CEC was made for you! CEC locates your solar equipment ownership in an optimally sited community array, while you get all of the credit on your bill. If you move within the same utility, it moves with you.
Protect Against Rising Utility Prices
Electric and natural gas prices are rising every year. The chart below shows the national average utility rate increase over the past ten years. Buying a renewable energy system protects you from escalating prices as the energy produced is free for your use for as long as you own the system.
A Smart Financial Decision
CEC maintains your clean energy equipment, making sure it operates at its peak performance, saving you even more money. Home-based solar systems that last only 25-35 years can lose as much as 15% of their production due to dirty or unmaintained panels. CEC systems are professionaly maintained and perpetually kept in tip-top shape, cleaning and replacing parts as they wear out. It’s like having a service plan and the extended-extended warranty, without all the costs.
It’s Easy
Save the Planet with Community Solar
Step 1. Decide to save the planet
Sign up for Community Solar Panels Online
Step 2. Buy into a clean energy facility in your area
Save Money with Renewable Energy and Green Power
Step 3. Begin using your own clean energy as soon as your next billing cycle