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Community Solar Trade Association Launches
Clean Energy Collective Co-Founds Community Solar Trade Association
Posted: February 10, 2016
How Will Community Solar Mature?
How the Utility Role in Community Solar is Evolving as the Sector Matures
Posted: January 07, 2016
Community Solar Is Going To Explode Next Year
Power from Community Solar Will More Than Double in 2016
Posted: December 11, 2015
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Community-Shared Solar
Community solar arrays, sometimes referred to as a solar farm or solar garden, are centralized solar facilities shared by individual community members, who receive credits on their electricity bill for the power produced. Since CEC performs all of the maintenance and provides a warranty, consumers don’t have to worry about maintenance or repair! More...
Clean Energy Collective
As the industry leader, Clean Energy Collective (CEC) develops community-shared renewable energy solutions for electric utilities and their customers, including the country’s first community-owned solar arrays. With CEC, residential and commercial utility customers can own fully maintained solar panels in a local, centralized facility. More...
"CEC has rapidly spread its wings, and is now active in many states across the U.S."
- Forbes Magazine
"They are developing a new model for the 21st-century electric grid."
- National Geographic
"It opens up solar financially to a much broader swath of people."
- Fast Company
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